It would be very easy not to write this.It would be very easy not to say what needs to be said. It would be all too easy, and indeed it is too easy for far too many people, to pretend reality doesn’t exist and hide their heads from all that is.

But there is hope, for if there weren’t I would not write this here today, for there are those like you and I. There are those whom Nietzsche called the “free spirits”. They are those who are the questioners, the seekers of knowledge, and the eschewers of dogma. It is for this reason that I shall refrain from ever telling the reader what one should do—or create philosophical dogma.

This is not a rejection of objective reality. It is a recognition of the nature of philosophy per se. Philosophy means “The love of wisdom”. To love wisdom is to judge as a value, with all that one is, the unending pursuit of the knowledge of that which one does not know.

Philosophy is the fight against dogma and superstition and prejudice. The philosophical battle is not winnable. To win the fight is a logical impossibility; “to win philosophy ” is the ultimate contradiction of terms. To win is to reach the ultimate state of. To reach the ultimate state of loving wisdom—to reach the ultimate state of the pursuit of the knowledge of all that which one does not know—is to know of all unknown things. Syllogistically, to know all unknowns is to know all. And to judge oneself as knowing all—to judge oneself by an irrational standard of a non-existent state of perfection—is to love wisdom the least.

One may choose to fight the philosophical battle, or one may choose not to. One may chose to maintain one’s mental and physical health,  and fight until the last breath against the inevitable forces of death and decay, or one may choose not to. One is free to choose by the freedom of their will to fight or not to fight in either case

To choose not to maintain one’s health is to choose not to maintain one’s existence; it is to decide that one is not fit to exist within reality(which is to choose not to exist per se). If chooses not to value wisdom and to reproach all but dogma and prejudice, than one has decided that reality—all that is—is not fit for them to exist within. They are one and the same.

Reality exists; I exist. Those are a priori. I have decided that we are fit for one another.

And that is why I still fight.

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