Crap. What am I doing with this site?!

Well I started the “essays” section of the site as a place for things that were roughly nonfiction, somewhat philosophical, and definitely not a blog. But honestly that’s a bit arrogant of me, and as the muse of philosophical nonfiction hasn’t payed me a visit in a while, I thought I’d turn this into something that’s still not a blog (I don’t have a blog), but which is a bit more blogish in nature.

What am I doing with this site. Ad Absurdum publishing? What the hell’s that. What do you publish? Are you a publishing company? No, and no. I had all sorts of stuff that I wanted to publish…. Until I made it easy and created this stupid website.

There’ll probably be some activity over on N7275 Aerospace within a few months or so…maybe. I’ve got a couple of projects I’d like to work on, but there are some writing projects that need to get finished first.

I may put up a music section too, but I need to figure out how to do it making the PHP/SQL too obscene. If the database system I come up with works well for the music, I’ll use it to publish some of my short fiction here as well.

Check out this piece I wrote for Piano/Organ:

It’s pretty cool. More to follow.

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